Hello everybody and welcome to our new website about everybody’s favourite jungle cat… The Jaguar! One of the most handsome and enigmatic creatures to still roam the wild. It’s mythical status carries weight from ancient tribes to modern day explorers. Another mystery we are keen to unravel; how fast is a Jaguar? Furthermore what other animals could beat it in a race? A question that has been on the lips of every Jaguar enthusiast the world over! A quick google search could tell you all these answers, but that isn’t very romantic now is it.


In short, the Jaguar is not really that impressive if it is speed you are after, in terms of speed a Jaguar can be outpaced by a lot of fish, a hare, a common ostrich and obviously the cheetah amongst many other animals. However the Jaguar is no sloth and can indeed reach 40mph. Furthermore put the Jaguar on its home turf, in the jungle, and we are sure that it would leave a common ostrich for dust. You have all this to look forward to over the coming months, where we will explore the racing world of the jungles most illustrious animal.